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Why Weekly Pool Service Is Important?

Jul 21

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The importance of having pool service weekly

Everyone loves to have their own swimming pool, especially during a hot summer in Arizona weather. It can help you feel relief from the hot sun rays, feel relaxed, save money from going to some expensive resort just to have fun, and you can even have outdoor fun gatherings anytime you want. But without proper maintenance, it can lead to disappointment and spending out of budget.

Having a swimming pool also means a responsibility to take care of it to avoid the worst issues in the future and not be able to enjoy its purposes which we never want to happen. Proper maintenance is what a pool service does. It needs time and money because it may have a lot of things to take care of.



We need to make sure that our swimming pool is safe and clean for everyone to use because it is the responsibility and obligation of every owner. We need to learn how to maintain making it in good condition by taking care of it regularly. Failure to do so will face an expensive consequence.

One of the common problems of pool owners is that it is situated near some trees. And most of its leaves fall and create some damage to its filtration system sometimes. And the other one is that the water will easily turn green which is the effect of the improper chemical balance of the water in the pool due to the hot weather.

Things to remember to keep the pool clean all the time:

  • pH value - We should always measure the swimming pool’s pH value to ensure that it is safe for everyone because having a high pH value can be unhealthy for everyone’s eyes and skin, while a low pH value is not good for your skin and health. The right pH level is between 7.2 and 7.6.
  • Pool cover - When not in use, it is very important to cover the swimming pool to avoid making it dirty but some falling leaves, insects, or other unseen dirt.
  • Water care - It is safe to use tap water when filling the pool because it does not contain any minerals that can lead to discoloration when mixed with chlorine. And when putting some chlorine, it should be with proper caution and always follow its directions because it can damage anyone’s health.